I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a Tiffany Blue UI (and other apps) theme, so I decided I’d make it a public paid theme. All images in Pinkified are themed to your favorite Tiffany Blue, as well as Facebook and I will be adding a Tweetbot in a couple days as well as a matching glittercon set. The colorkeyboard shown in the screens comes with ColorKeyboard (from Cydia) as Black-Turquoise. Email me for wallpaper.

Below you will have the option of getting both the UI and FB for $12 or getting them separately.After donation is successfully accepted you will be redirected to the download link page, so please wait for it to load.


TiffanyUI $10

TiffanyBot $5

TiffanyNC (free)

TiffanyFolders (free)

TiffanyGlittercons (free)

White & Grey Leopard Bitesms/iMessage Themes

This BiteSMS/iMessage theme is available by donation only.

You will be redirected to the download link directly after the payment is successfully accepted.

For for a $5 donation you will get either:

White Leopard Imsg $5 - pink & turquoise convo bubbles with tokidoki diamond icons within, a matching white leopard background, typing status icon, and navbar.


Grey Leopard iMsg $5 - pink & purple convo bubbles with black heart icons (an i within the heart when sending an imsg), a matching grey leopard background, typing status icon, and navbar.

Both themes go great above Pinkified BiteSMS (or SMS/iMessage) available for free here or in Cydia :)