Cute HD Suave Icon Pack

*All credit goes to the authors on DeviantArt & MacForums who created these Suave icons, I only recolored a few of them.

To use:

- iFile unarchiver, then in iFile click the arrow by each icon and rename them to what app you want to use them for (ie. Facebook.png & Facebook@2x.png or Instagram.png Istagram@2x.png) and place them into whatever icon theme you are currently using.

-Computer unzip, then rename each icon to the app you want to use it for (ie. Facebook & Facebook@2x) you do not need to add the .png when using the computer because it is already saved as a png image.

These images are currently only sized for retina devices (iphone4 or later running os5.0.1) I will post an SD pack for older devices shortly.


unzip and place in var/stash/themesenable in winterboard

Hello Kitty Dancing/Standing Speaker

Hello Kitty Face Speaker

domo speaker  +  domo slider

Danbo Speaker

You can find the rainbow signal bars at Delightfully Apple

You can find the weatherset at Cheeky Apple