TiffanyUI for os6

Whew! This update has been more time consuming than I thought it was going to be, so I apologize for the delay. I will be theming the music player, then Facebook, then Tweetbot, then Foursquare. Check back every couple of days for additional addons :)

(Font is KG Feeling 22, and can be found for iphone at Weather Icon can be found at OpenNotifiers seen in screenshots below can be found in a previous post, otherwise everything seen is included in the UI theme and more!)









The UI and larger app files are very large due to the amount of images themed, so PLEASE allow for safari to load the download page. Do not close out safari until you have been prompted to “open in ifile”. It is best if you do so on wifi. As always you will unarchiver>cut>paste in var/stash/themes>apply in winterboard.

For the opennotifiers to work you will have to haave downloaded OpenNotifier from Cydia, once you unarchiver the file you will select ALL OF THE IMAGES - copy and paste the IMAGES -not the folder- into System/Library/Frameworks/UIkit.framework, and then apply from Settings/Opennotifier.

If you have bought a TiffanyUI theme in the past please forward me your paypal receipt and I will get the download link back to you within 24 hours. Please save email for future updates.

No refunds due to the products provided.

TiffanyUI $5

TiffanyFB $3

TiffanyIG $3

TiffanyBatt $1

TiffanyBot $5 (coming soon)

TiffanyOpenNotifiers (free)

TiffanyGlittercons (free)

TiffanyFolders (free)

Heart Signals

This was inspired by a custom order I had for the pink hearts, so I decided to make them in a variety of colors as well. Hope you enjoy them!

BlueHearts - $2.50

LimeHearts - $2.50

PinkHearts - $2.50

PurpHearts - $2.50

TiffHearts - $2.50

*please remember to let the successful page in safari load once your donation goes through because it will redirect you to the download link.