HotPinkstagram (updated for os6+)

as always “open in ifile” > UNARCHIVER > cut/paste into

Var/Stash/Themes > enable in Winterboard

download here

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Military Wives/GFs UIs

I’m baaack ;}

For the time being I will not be taking requests, I will however be posting themes that I’ve previously started before my hiatus. This is the first in the military series.

I will be posting a UI theme with extra addons for each branch, and then I will be posting them in different colors. Look forward to Army, Air Force, Navy, and of course Marine Corps themes to either show your support for yourself, a friend, family member, significant other, spouse, or just because you want to show a little love for the troops with your iphone. I’ll also be posting a set of wallpapers (for free) for those with deployed beaus.

I hope you all enjoy what’s to come in the follow weeks, and if you know a lady/gent who has a significant other in the military or who is a disabled veteran take them out on a coffee/lunch day just because :) <3

As always,

UNARCHIVER & place in Var/Stash/Themes then enable in Winterboard.

This theme will not theme your homescreen or colorkeyboard, only some stock stausbar icons, and most stock apps. Remember to let the successful donation page fully load so that you get your download link quickly, emailing me for it may take up to a day to get a response.

ARMYpinkUI ($5)

ARMYpinkLS ($1)

Zeppelin ($1) ..coming soon.

Facebook ($5) ..coming soon.

Instagram ($5) ..coming soon.

Heart Signals

This was inspired by a custom order I had for the pink hearts, so I decided to make them in a variety of colors as well. Hope you enjoy them!

BlueHearts - $2.50

LimeHearts - $2.50

PinkHearts - $2.50

PurpHearts - $2.50

TiffHearts - $2.50

*please remember to let the successful page in safari load once your donation goes through because it will redirect you to the download link.

Pinkified WhatsApp & Notification Center

I’m going to be MIA for a few days so I thought I’d go ahead and post these for you guys, hope you like them!

looks best when used with Pinkified UI. wallpaper is included & you can enable it in your whatsapp settings, colorkeyboard theme is phatmartino_pink.

unarchiver & place in var/stash/themes then enable in winterboard


can be used with or without Pinkified UI.

unarchiver & place in var/stash/themes then enable in winterboard


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New Text Icon Themes!

I was inspired by the amazing Steph at to make some new icons since I haven’t in soo long! These are all in “Just The Way You Are” font if you want to download it from Cydia to match the icons. As with an icon theme you will replace the icon name for the corresponding app you use if it is different than the one I themed (ie. replace Tweetbot.png & Tweetbot@2x.png for the name of the app you use) All icons are larger than they appear in my screens, I just shrink mine to my liking.


UNARCHIVER paste to Var/Stash/Themes enable in Winterboard

Glittercons Pink

UNARCHIVER paste to Var/Stash/Themes enable in Winterboard

Glittercons Purple

*greystriped icons will look best against a light colored wallpaper.

UNARCHIVER paste to Var/Stash/Themes enable in Winterboard


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