Pinkified WhatsApp & Notification Center

I’m going to be MIA for a few days so I thought I’d go ahead and post these for you guys, hope you like them!

looks best when used with Pinkified UI. wallpaper is included & you can enable it in your whatsapp settings, colorkeyboard theme is phatmartino_pink.

unarchiver & place in var/stash/themes then enable in winterboard


can be used with or without Pinkified UI.

unarchiver & place in var/stash/themes then enable in winterboard


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I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a Tiffany Blue UI (and other apps) theme, so I decided I’d make it a public paid theme. All images in Pinkified are themed to your favorite Tiffany Blue, as well as Facebook and I will be adding a Tweetbot in a couple days as well as a matching glittercon set. The colorkeyboard shown in the screens comes with ColorKeyboard (from Cydia) as Black-Turquoise. Email me for wallpaper.

Below you will have the option of getting both the UI and FB for $12 or getting them separately.After donation is successfully accepted you will be redirected to the download link page, so please wait for it to load.


TiffanyUI $10

TiffanyBot $5

TiffanyNC (free)

TiffanyFolders (free)

TiffanyGlittercons (free)