One of THE MOST complete UI Themes you’ll find, Pinkified is filled to the brim with that color we love! Apps now included: iMsg/SMS, Mail, Maps, Safari, iPod, Music/Video Player, Calendar, Contacts, Loaders, Selectors, Youtube, AppStore, BiteSms, & MORE!

[NOTES: The keyboard is NOT included, but it does come with ColorKeyboard as “Phatmartino_Pink_Gl”. If you wish to use your own custom navbar, just place it above this theme in winterboard. Also, you’ll want to remove any convo bubble/sms themes like KittySMS because they will interfere (biteSMS is fine) unless you want to have a different set than what I used. You can change the SMSBackground.png to any image you want that is 640x960. Basically any theme that you want to override this one (like closer buttons/loaders/etc) just place them ABOVE Pinkified in winterboard.]

unzip, place in var/stash/themes enable in winterboard


Stand-alone themes:

(these are included in Pinkified, but are separated for those just wanting certain apps)


PinkifiedSMS (contains both bite & stock sms)


Themes I also use/have used with this UI theme:

BlackLeopardSafari (background image) *new!

MusicBow [emarsha]

PinkFolders [rachel]

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[Updated from 02.13.12]

Who doesn’t love purple? :)

Purple UI, Safari Loader & Selects are available below.

Hope you all enjoy them!

unzip, place in var/stash/themes enable in winterboard



(if you have a specific nav bar you like using

[like this one bg image made by @m3ch3ll]

just place that theme above this one in winterboard)



(light purple)


(courtesy @RachelSteckel reg purple)

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ValentinesUI Theme

Here’s a red UI theme just in time for Valentines Day!

ValentinesUI [full]

SMS Themes Only