Kawaii Rainbow Battery & Slider

I just cant get enough of this little rainbow, so I’ve made a lockscreen battery that is more cute and silly than informative (but most all of us have the battery percentage in the statusbar anyway). You can download clear locksreen from Cydia to remove those pesky lockscreen bars.




I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my lockscreen’s wordclock, and have decided to post it for you all. The original is by d0ink over at MacForums, and I modded mine from a version of it. Thank you @Ferfious for sending this to me in the first place <3

I have included a few walls I made, as well as the one I use by iPhab.

Just remove the number for the wall you wish to use.

as always uzip, place in var/stash/themes & enable in winterboard


(NOTE: i’ve remembered since seeing other’s screenshots that i copied/pasted the slider i use by Cami when i was modding this, i dont have the original slider that came with the forum download.. so if you post shots please credit Cami for that loves!)

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