Pinkified WhatsApp & Notification Center

I’m going to be MIA for a few days so I thought I’d go ahead and post these for you guys, hope you like them!

looks best when used with Pinkified UI. wallpaper is included & you can enable it in your whatsapp settings, colorkeyboard theme is phatmartino_pink.

unarchiver & place in var/stash/themes then enable in winterboard


can be used with or without Pinkified UI.

unarchiver & place in var/stash/themes then enable in winterboard


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Same great instagram, in a bolder pink color!


(click the instagram tag below if you are interested in other colors)

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Redstagram is here!

As a thanks for all your support and patience during this difficult time I give you.. Redstagram :) You’ll find all the same icons as previous IG themes Ive posted, in red!

UNARCHIVER.. Place in Var/Stash/Themes.. Enable in Winterboard :)


PinkBot [updated]

We all love a little pop of color..

Here’s PinkBot.

unzip, place in Var/Stash/Themes, enable in Winterboard


[NOTE: Before I get replies about it not being as if pink threw up, some images are not editable. I apologize in advanced.]

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What I’m Using..

For those of you who are new to iPhone or just JB in general, all the apps available may seem overwhelming at first, here is a list of what Cydia Apps I currently use.

BiteSMS: the message app on steroids.

Allows you to receive pop ups of incoming texts/ismsgs

with a pic of the contact (if it is in your address book)

along with many other aesthetic customization options.

BytaFont: Lets you preview custom fonts

as well as set them for specfic functions like

LockScreen Clock and Notes.

ColorKeyboard: Does what it says,

gives you the option for custom colors on your iKeyboard.

Copic: Shows your contacts pictures

in the Phone, Sms (msg list & convo), Contact list, & facetime apps.

Gridlock: Gives you the option to place your icons

where you want them to go instead of the standard grid system.

HapticPro: This one I am thankful for especially.

It vibrates when your type, which is helpful for

newcomers to touchscreen devices.

Icon Renamer: Allows you to rename

the icon labels on most icons.

iFile: for when you cant get to a

laptop/computer and want to ssh/ftp into your iPhone files.

Infinite Tweet: adds tweetlonger capabilities to popular

twitter clients like Native Twitter, Tweetbot, Echofon, etc.

Multiflow: A backgrounder app that when you

shake the phone while on the homescreen it

pulls up a list of apps currently running in the

background, and allows you to close them.

No Icon Shadows: Especially helpful

for those who use custom icons, as it removes

that pesky icon shadow.

NoNewsIsGoodNews: Use Newstand? Yeah, me neither.

This app hides the Newstand icon.

NotiCall: Brings back the call Favorites from drop down

that LockInfo has but for native NotificationCenter.

PkgBackup: Backs up your cydia packages

to a zip file and stores it in your dropbox

in the case that you have to restore at some point.

SBCenter for Notification: Adds Respring, Reboot, Shut Down

options in NC.

SimpleDate for Notification: As it says,

adds a month, date, year line to your NC.

Springtomize 2 - iOS 5+: Very useful compilation

of apps such as.. an icon shrinker, fake carrier name, infinidock,

and much more!

Unified Ipod for iOS5: Unifies the music & videos

icons into one, as they were on later iOS versions.

WeatherIcon: Adds a weather icon to the statusbar.

Transparent Weather BG: Removes that silly purple/blue

background behind the weather icon.

Winterboard: It’s huge, but a nessecary app to be able to theme your iDevice.