Since I’ve received a few questions regarding what  now works with iOS7 and such I thought I’d clarify here so that there is NO confusion.

All posts below this point are only fully compatible with iOS6 other than certain apps that were since updated.

Most all icon themes, wallpapers, zepplins, and loading screens are still compatible with iOS7.

I, as most all themers, do not offer refunds due to the nature of the products/services rendered.

As with downloading/buying anything, always READ carefully and do not try to use themes and tweaks unless you are comfortable using them. I am not responsible if you do not take the time to read instructions or tutorials that have been provided.

AztextIt Mini Theme

This theme includes 99 themed icons, 4 wallpapers (hot pink, yellow, light blue, and teal), full biteSMS theme, colorkeyboard & colorkeyboard popup keys.


AztextIt Walls Only - $1.50

AztextIt Mini - $3

As always Open in iFile, Unarchiver, cut&paste into Var/Stash/Themes, then cut&paste the following..

Place biteSMS in: Library/biteThemes

Place colorkeyboard in: Library/colorkeyboard/themes

Place popups in: Library/colorkeyboard/popups

To save wallpapers to your cameraroll click the wallpaper name, click image viewer, then click the icon at the bottom that appears to be a folder with an arrow.

The font is Anjelika Rose from, I can’t remember where the weather is from as I have had it for over 2 years now.

If there happen to be any weird shadows just download No Icon Shadows from Cydia :)

Random Opennotifiers

I get emailed/messaged at least a couple times a day asking about the older opennotifiers I use. I got them from a blog that has not been open in almost 2 years, so I thought I’d share them. I in no way am taking credit for the ONS that are not hot pink in this pack.

To install - unarchiver, copy ALL OF THE IMAGES, and paste into:


Enable in Settings/Opennotifier

Old Opennotifiers

VS Pink Nation

Long wait i know, but life happens :)

This time around I will be offering the BiteSMS theme separately for those that do not wish to download the entire UI (that will be posted in the next couple of days), and to cut down on the file size. Therefore bitesms will not be included with the UI, but the chatkit will. Go ahead and get yours today! 

Depending on how busy I get this week I could have the add-ons up by the end of the week, but I am going to try and get AeroFB & Tweetbot out first for those that have been patiently waiting while I’ve been working on my house.

What’s themed:

5 wallpapers, Notes, Mail, SMS/iMSG, Calendar, Calculator, Safari, Alarm Clock, Notification Center, SBSettings, ColorKeyboard, Statusbar, Statusbar Icons, Zeppelin, Lockscreen, Lockscreen Battery, over 70 icons & MORE!

*Fonts used in this theme are Honey Script (available in Cydia) & Anjelika Rose (from






Allow safari to fully load the dropbox page before closing it out.

Cut & Paste into: var/stash/mobile/library/bitethemes

Enable in BiteSMS

VSBite - $2

Cut & Paste into: var/stash/themes

Enable in Winterboard

VS Pink Nation UI - $3.50 

Unarchiver and save to Cameraroll

Only Wallpapers  - $2


Winterboard Icon Fix

Information on CISPA

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Sign the petition and contact your representatives today,

this will affect our online community greatly if passed and implemented.